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Map out your workflow, from ideas to action. Taskade makes the Development Process simple. Every great piece of software starts with a plan Use Taskade to help facilitate your software development process. Collaborate, plan and track your progress across multiple workspaces. Allowing you to complete your projects faster and smarter.

The Development Process

Sometimes, even after doing it a million times, it’s still hard to get all the pieces of the puzzle together. As a Software Developer, the major challenge is that most projects are different, and we can only do so much in the beginning. The Project Management space has been all over the map. Some can’t do away with the software development mindset of process, planning, and boundaries. Others may not be so idealistic. Our goal with Taskade was to come up with a solution that works across a variety of development environments. Whether you’re a little ball of anxiety standing at a whiteboard scribbling note, or you’re a detail-oriented Agile expert who prefers a portable, multi-screened workstation, Taskade has it covered.

What is Agile Development

According to the Agile Manifesto, Agile is a philosophy that prescribes developing software and products by working in small, focused groups working on short, detailed projects. Map Out Your Ideas in an Agile, Task-Based Way for Software Development Agile can be difficult. Agile developers sometimes want to spend more time on research, coding, and other forms of “thinking” than others do. Don’t feel bad if you’re in the minority and need to spend more time on planning and design, or planning and programming. Every developer works differently. The Agile Manifesto refers to software development as a way of life that allows people to feel productive and creative at all times.

How Agile Development Works

In a traditional software development cycle, your project manager or team members draw up a list of requirements and a product backlog. From there, you follow a list of activities to ensure that the requirements are completed in a timely fashion. These activities include coding, testing, and feature polishing. Once the product is ready for release, you implement it in an iterative cycle that tests the new features and makes small adjustments. Once that cycle is complete, the project is ready for release. During this process, the product manager or a few other individuals will maintain a record of the projects for the team members to use. When a project is complete, the manager marks it as complete.


If you haven’t tried Taskade yet, now is the time! You can track the progress of your projects, or even the progress of your life, in an Agile way.

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