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Explore a range of productivity strategies with Taskade, from advanced project management techniques to innovative task optimization methods. Elevate your efficiency and transform your workflow with our expertly curated guides.

Taskade AI
Time Management


Use the power of artificial intelligence to find clarity and focus.

AI Agent Builders

Build, train, and deploy autonomous AI agents with no-code agent builders.

AI Content Generation

Discover how to generate and enhance your content with artificial intelligence.

AI Prompting

Learn how to write more effective prompts for interacting with generative AI tools.

Autonomous Task Management

From BabyAGI to Taskade's Custom AI Agents, learn how agent architecture reshapes productivity.

Building a Second Brain

Learn how BASB revolutionizes knowledge management and task completion.

Cornell Method: Excellence in Notes

Master academic and professional note-taking with the Cornell Method.

Custom AI Agents

Learn how to build, train, and deploy AI agents to supercharge productivity.

Eat the Frog: Tackle Your Day

Overcome procrastination by conquering your most daunting tasks first.

Efficient Meeting Minutes

Master the art of effective meeting documentation.

Eisenhower Matrix: Prioritize Wisely

Sort your tasks effectively to focus on what truly matters.

Flow State: Minimize Context Switching

Achieve peak performance by reducing disruptive context switches.

Flowtime Technique

Balance productivity and well-being with the Flowtime technique.

Gantt Chart

Learn how to streamline project management with Gantt Charts.

Getting Things Done (GTD)

Simplify task management and focus on what matters using GTD.

Knowledge Management Systems

Find the best knowledge management system tailored to your needs.

Linking Your Thinking

Enhance intellectual growth with strategic thinking linkage.

Master Project Management

Uncover essential tips and tricks to navigate project management challenges.

Method of Loci: Memory Mastery

Learn to memorize anything with this ancient and effective technique.

Mind Mapping: Creative Thinking Unleashed

Unlock your creative potential with the art of mind mapping.

Multi-Agent Systems

Build teams of AI agents that can collaborate on tasks and objectives

Outline Method for Note-Taking

Transform your note-taking into a tool for success.

Pomodoro Timer: Focus Redefined

Discover how timed focus sessions can skyrocket your productivity.

Predictive Project Management

Optimize project workflows with AI-driven predictive analytics.

Process Mapping: Workflow Mastery

Navigate the path to efficient workflows with process mapping.

Project Management Methodologies

Explore and choose the right project management methodology for success.

RACI Model: Team Clarity

Streamline team roles and boost efficiency with the RACI model.

Setting SMART Goals

Blueprint your path to achieving objectives with SMART goals.

Smart Notes

Use AI-powered insights to take, connect, and organize your notes.

SOPs Simplified

Learn to craft effective Standard Operating Procedures effortlessly.

The PARA Method

Reorganize your life and increase productivity with PARA.

Ultimate Priority List

Craft a priority list that propels you towards efficiency and success.

Zen to Done (ZTD)

Simplify your life with ZTD's minimalist approach to productivity.


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