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🤖 AI ChatGPT Templates

Use our free AI templates to write faster and smarter with high-quality generative content for your blog and more.

ChatGPT Prompts

Simplify your workflow and work smarter with the power of ChatGPT.

Mind Map Generator

Use the power of the AI mind map generator to create stunning mind maps in seconds.


Use these ChatGPT email prompts to quickly draft professional and effective email messages.

To-Do List

Get organized and stay on top of your tasks with the power of AI.

Meeting Notes

Add a dash of AI magic to take effective and comprehensive meeting notes.


Use our AI Note-Taking template to help you start and unblock your writing.


Use our AI outliner to organize and summarize your writing.

Task Manager

Plan, prioritize and collaborate on tasks with Taskade AI. Ideal for remote teams and individuals


Scrap your sticky notes and use this AI checklist template to generate lists of tasks in seconds.

Blog Post

Unlock the power of AI writing with our customizable template.

Article Writing

AI article writing is easy—generate professional content in seconds using Taskade AI.

Project Management

Use our AI project management template to set the stage for your next project in seconds.


Paraphrasing made simple.

Novel Writing

Generate new ideas, characters, settings and plot twists in seconds. Get started today!


Use our AI Brainstorm template to help you get started with your next project.

Content Marketing

Improve efficiency, scalability and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


The AI copywriter is the only tool you need to write powerful marketing copy.

Content Writing

AI content writing will make your content more engaging and effective.

Resume Writer

Use AI suggestions to create a professional and effective resume in seconds.

Script Writing

Unlock the potential of AI script writing—streamline the process, generate new ideas, and elevate your writing.

Essay Writing

Structure arguments and develop ideas for your next essay.


Unlock the power of AI for scheduling and get more done faster and smarter.